Welcome to AZ Beemers

AZ Beemers, is a non-profit organization consisting of members who share a common desire to enjoy good riding and good friends.

Upcoming Events:

BMW MOA International Rally 2019
BMW MOA Lebanon, Tennessee, June 13-15, 2019..

Bite The Wieenie Nov 17 2018
Bite the wieenie Nov 17 2018 Los Angeles

Get out of the heat#2! Annual AirHead Datil Well camp out Oct. 5-7 2018
Some of us are going to Datil Well camp ground in New Mexico Oct 5-7 2018

RESERVE NOW! OCTOBER MnM ? Oct 20-21 ? Alpine via AZ191 (666) or NM180
Reserve now ride to Alpine up the 191 Oct 20-21 2018

BMW MOA Calendar of events
BMW MOA Other rally info

We plan rides throughout the year all around the US and Mexico. We travel thru all kinds of terrain and weather (hey that's part of the fun of the ride), and then at times along the ride we stop....and enjoy that too.

Please take the time to view the rest of our website, especially our Membership Forums and we hope to see you soon on a "Ride"

AZBeemers Out and About...

AZ Beemers
P.O. Box 2887
Chandler, AZ 85244-2887

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