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AZBeemers is a non-profit organization originally organized as The Phoenix International Touring Society (PITS). Now known as AZBeemers, we consist of members who share a common desire to enjoy good riding and good friends.


We plan rides throughout the year all around the US and Mexico. We travel thru all kinds of terrain and weather (hey that's part of the fun of the ride), and then at times along the ride we stop.... and enjoy that too.

You can look at our Membership Forum, and read the postings by our Members about rides, equipment and functions by using the following link AZBeemers Membership Forum.


There are two ways to join the AZ Beemers, you can click on the "mail in Membership Application" or you can pay us by credit card using the payment link below. Once your credit card payment has been confirmed you will be directed to our online application where you can submit your membership info to us over the internet. Please use either of these payment options for renewals.

AZ Beemers mail in Membership Application
Click link above to go to the application page where you can fill in info then print and send in along with payment.

Use PayPal to pay for your Membership

For both new memberships and renewals, you can now pay using your credit card by clicking on one of the buttons below. Please fill out the application page following you payment, even if you are just renewing (this is to verify we have your most current information) Membership fees are as follows:

1yr Membership ($18)

3yr Membership ($36)

1yr Membership W/Associate Membership ($27)
3yr Membership W/Associate Membership ($54)

Associate Memberships is by definition, your wife, girlfriend or significant other, or other than than the primary member.


Purchase an AZBeemer NameTag

If you would like to purchase an AZBeemer Optional Nametag for $8 click here.

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P.O. Box 2887
Chandler, AZ 85244-2887
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